Non-Repair Phone Issues & Their Fixes

Non-Repair Phone Issues & Their Fixes


Smartphones are a very fragile technology that holds our whole world together. But they can be damaged from the inside or the outside. Modern smartphones are very advanced. Some problems with them may look irreparable when a phone breaks and needs fixation. However, some signs will show you that this is not the case.

  • Solar Flares

A solar flare is a sudden increase in brightness from the sun. If you are outside when this happens, it can affect many smartphones. A flare can be big or small. It can stop long-distance communications and emissions in more than one way.

It is not much you can do about it other than using a case to protect your phone that will help. But solar flares are not exactly frequent. The ones that are strong enough to mess with your phone are even less so.

  • Underground Places

Cell phone service is not always the same for people who work or spend time underground, even if they are just there on vacation or for fun. Specifically, if you want strong phone signals in an underground area, you will usually need an engineer to come out and wire it. Most normal carriers would not provide service there. It is rarely a problem with the phone itself, which is something you should know when you are in these situations.

  • Materials for Building and Signal

The signal for a smartphone can be affected by the type of building and the materials used to make it. Some of these are glass materials that save energy. They have more metals and are thicker. If your phone loses signal when it is close to one of these, it is because of material interference, not a problem with the phone itself.

  • Being Around Water

There are several ways a phone can get wet, whether with water or something else. If that happens, the phone does not last long after getting wet. We can not fix every water damage. Modern cell phones have a feature that makes them waterproof. So they can handle water to some degree.

But if your phone is not waterproof and none of the things you can do yourself to protect it from water damage are working, you should get help from someone who knows how to fix smartphones.

  • Broken Screen

Even though fixing a broken screen may not seem like a big deal, it is important. 50 million smartphone screens break yearly in the U.S. Most cell phone repairs are needed because the screen is broken or cracked. A broken screen on a smartphone can sometimes make it useless.

The screen on a smartphone is easy to repair and replace. One who knows how to fix smartphones can help you. But the level of repair needed depends on how badly the phone breaks. A case for your phone can help keep it from getting broken, but if the screen breaks, it needs fixation.

  • Having Trouble with the Battery

The phone’s battery life goes down as it gets older. The battery is not in good condition if it does not last more than a few hours. Changes in the way something looks can sometimes be a sign of damage. One sign that the battery needs fixation is that it is getting bigger.

When the size of your phone changes, you should stop using it. A bulging battery can be dangerous because the chemicals inside the battery are breaking down. Professionals are the best people to decide if the battery needs to be fixed or replaced.

  • Broken Charging Port

Even if you are careful with the charging cables and port, it is easy to damage your charging port. If the charging port is broken, the phone will charge slowly or not at all. It happens when the USB port’s small connectors do not connect to the charging cable.

Many things can go wrong with a charging port. For example, the power supply cuts off when dirt builds up in the port and blocks the contact. Hardware damage can also cause charging problems if the phone drops a lot.

  • Button Functions Lost

People use home keys and power buttons so often. So, they tend to stop working. It is pretty common to replace or fix a home or power button. You cannot open and close apps or move around if your buttons are broken.

Most cell phone repair shops can fix, clean, or replace your phone’s buttons to get it working again. Fixing a smartphone is not easy because it has fragile parts and needs a complicated way. It is best to let someone who knows how to fix phones do it for you.

We know how much you value your phone. Let trusted technicians take care of your problems. They can fix, clean, and replace many different kinds of smartphones.


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