Risks of Using a Phone With A Broken Screen

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Your phone is your portal to the world, and we know it can always be challenging to keep it in perfect condition. Unfortunately, with daily usage, the screen gets cracks on it. You can spot people using cracked screens now and then. Initially, the cracks on the corner of the screen might not seem like a big deal, but it worsens rapidly if left unchecked.

A proper check can help you spot whether the screen is cracked or broken and whether it needs to be replaced. Ignoring a cracked phone screen is hazardous as you put your phone’s internal components and yourself at risk by using your phone with a cracked display. There are various hazards of ignoring a cracked screen. 

Here is a list of risks associated with using a cracked phone screen.

Poor Display

It is difficult to view a phone display with a cracked screen, even if there are few cracks. Once your screen gets cracked, the cracks eventually increase, making it difficult to view the screen. In addition, it is very annoying and potentially harmful if you’re constantly squinting to read your screen.

Touch Screen Malfunction 

Once your phone screen cracks, your touch screen works as usual initially, but gradually it misbehaves. It is because the dirt and grime start building up on cracks which affect the touchscreen’s responsiveness. As a result, you might face difficulty using the phone as it misbehaves, and ultimately, you need the services of a professional. So it’s best to fix the cracked screen or replace it timely if required. 

Prone To Liquid Damage

Cracks on the phone screen cause your phone to be exposed to liquid damage, as you know that the screen protects the front of your phone from getting inside. But in the case of a cracked screen, moisture can easily penetrate through the cracks and damage the display. In addition, the tiny raindrop or sweat inside the pocket can damage the phone’s inner workings. In such a case, your phone requires repair for water damage causing you to spend more money later.

Risk of Finger injury

Smartphone screens are made up of glass, so while swiping on the broken screen, you risk cutting your fingers. In addition, your fingers get exposed to the cracks and can have cuts, which you want to avoid. If, for any reason, you can’t get your screen fixed, and you can’t get your phone repaired right away, put a clear tape or screen protector to prevent injury.

Potential for Eye Strain

With cracks on phone screens, it isn’t easy to have that excellent viewing experience when watching videos or to read a social media post. Also, while driving with a cracked screen, it is challenging to follow GPS directions as you struggle to figure out what on the screen has a risk of an accident. Finally, it tends to strain your eyes, and as a result, you might have itchy eyes, watery eyes, and sometimes a headache.

The money you save by not replacing the cracked screen could cost you more in the long run.

Dust Accumulation 

A good-condition phone can keep dust away from sensitive components. However, in case the screen gets cracked, that seal gets compromised. Dust and debris will work their way into the cracks and further damage the screen and functionality making it dangerous to keep using the device.

Further Damage to Display

If you keep using a phone with a cracked screen, there is a risk of damaging the display panel below it. If you get your phone screen repaired, it helps the display. However, the broken screen can damage the display panel, leading to flickering, dead pixels, or discoloration. So fixing your phone screen timely will save you money in the long run by saving your display panel.

A broken screen is hazardous, and you can keep your phone screen as good as new by using a good screen protector. Tempered glass is a good option as it provides scratch resistance. However, in case of damage by dropping, it is preferable to get it checked by a professional to prevent further screen damage.


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