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Valuable Tips To Fix a Frozen Mac 

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Frozen or unresponsive Mac is rare, but you might face Mac freezing issues at one time or another. If it happens often, it’s time to consider long-term solutions. For example, it might be because you have had an outdated operating system for a long time, your system is running out of space, or too many programs or apps are running on it. Whatever the reason, you can fix the Mac freezing issues by following the simple instructions. In addition, this Article discusses the troubleshooting tools that help unfreeze Mac and prevent freezing issues.

Force Quit Unresponsive Apps

One of the common reasons behind a frozen Mac is apps crashing. So try to spot the apps which are causing the Mac to freeze. After spotting the app causing the issue, force quit it. You can open the Force Quit menu via keyboard shortcuts. Note: Before doing it, save the work you have opened because unsaved work will be lost. 

  • To open the force quit applications tool open, press Press Cmd + Opt + Esc.
  • Now choose the app from which you want to quit and click the Force Quit button.
  • If you don’t know which app is causing the issue, use ‘quit all’ to quit all processes.

Restart your Mac

You must access the menus or be able to move your mouse cursor to reboot your Mac. But if one or two apps are frozen, you might reboot your Mac.

  • First, on the top left of your screen, click the apple icon and select restart.
  • Then click restart

Free up Disk Space

An overloaded drive can be the cause of Mac keeps freezing. You can check the storage to find the space left. If no GB is left, it’s time to free space on the disk. 

  • For checking space
  • Click the Apple icon.
  • About this Mac 
  • Storage

You can also use apps for this purpose. It is the easiest way to delete extra files and give your system a polish. 

Close Background Processes

Although Macs have great processors in them, they have finite processing powers. If your Mac’s processor gets overloaded due to running lots of apps, it might cause the Mac to freeze. Stopping apps from taking up lots of processing power might help prevent your Mac from freezing. Activity monitor is a handy tool for identifying apps consuming lots of processing power on your Mac.

  • Go to Applications, then Utilities, and start Activity Monitor.
  • Now look for apps that are using a high CPU percentage. 
  • Double-click on those apps and click the quit button.
  • If the click button doesn’t work, repeat the above process but choose to force quit.

Reset your Mac SMC

Resetting the SMC might help fix some Mac glitches, including freezing problems, as SMC is the circuit responsible for power management. Note: on mac M1, you cant reset the SMC. To reset Mac SMC on intel Mac

  • Shutdown your Mac
  • Disconnect everything other than the power
  • Now simultaneously press the left side Shift + Ctrl +Opt keys and the power button. 
  • Now release all keys and power buttons simultaneously. 
  • Then turn on your Mac.

Check for Mac OS Update

Sometimes updating your Mac fixes the freezing issue. 

  • Click on the Apple menu and now choose About this Mac.
  • Now click software update and find if there is any update available. 
  • install updates

Run a Virus Scan

Although malware infection is not the common cause of Mac freezing but is a possibility Macs can be infected with Malware which can slow down and increase the load on the memory. Usually, the load is heavy enough to cause your Mac to freeze and hinder its performance. Therefore, running a virus scan is a good idea to prevent your Mac from freezing. 

Reset or Uninstall Unresponsive Apps

If Force Quitting doesn’t work for you, your Mac keeps freezing because of unresponsive apps. Then you can consider uninstalling or resetting those apps.

The above tips will help fix the issue if your Mac gets frozen once you unfreeze the Mac and start using it. However, it would be best to investigate the cause of the freezing. If you don’t eliminate the reason, it will happen again. Make sure to keep your Mac well-maintained and free from apps and extensions you don’t use.

After you try everything and your Mac keeps freezing, it’s preferable to take it to a professional. As qualified technicians have the training required to diagnose and treat Mac issues. 


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