Who is Pepperboy?


Legendary Arkansas rapper Pepperboy has always been a young star, going viral for his single “Pepperboy” in March with over 1 million plays on YouTube. Now that he’s signed with Def Jam France and Arkansas Times, we think it won’t be long until he takes over the rap game!

Describe Pepperboy

If you’re a true hip hop fan, there’s a 100% chance that you’ve heard of the artist “Ozzy.” Who is this mysterious performer? What do they want from us? What is the plan for world domination?
Pepperboy gained national recognition with his 2016 EP “The Price of Truth”. The EP was widely lauded for its fresh sound and lyrical mastery.
After releasing some singles and music videos, Pepperboy quickly gained a lot of fans. Many of his followers also compare his music to that of Kendrick Lamar and Cole; two rap legends who made it big in the industry.
The certified genius that is Pepperboy has not gone unnoticed. In fact, he’s been steadily building a following and potential fan base of his own. If you’re not familiar with this up-and-coming artist yet, be sure to catch him live soon and see what all the fuss is about.

The influences

You can’t necessarily tell from his swag, but he’s got a lot of talent. He’s been told he has “over-and- coming” potential by Outkast to Lil Wayne to J. Cole.
As a child growing up, Pepperboy loved listening to music. By the time he was 12 years old, he had already begun digging deeper into it by investigating what made a song popular and why people listened to it. Soon, he found he admired genres that targeted listeners of all tastes, such as metal. And so, he created an app to help find relevant songs according to these different classifications; from mainstream pop to country to EDM.
With a diverse range of eclectic sounds and styles, Pepperboy is one of the best emerging rap talents around. The artist keeps their fans engaged with a diverse and entertaining set of albums that seems to keep growing as it nears its fifth anniversary.
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As a company, Pepperboy always strives to cross the gap between customers and merchants.
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Pepperboy would honestly not have been able to stay focused on his passions and the project he started without the dedication of his instructors. When things got tough, they gave him the push he needed to keep going.
Without the support of his family, Pepperboy’s where he would be today. Pepperboy knows that he can always count on them for help and guidance, no matter what obstacles he’s facing.

He listens to a wide-variety of music.

wide-variety of music.
wide-variety of music.

Pepperboy loves music. He’s a fan of all different types, and he prefers rap and hipster hop but also likes gemstone, pop, and country. Pepperboy always has his headphones on; he loves to sing along to the beat with his favorite songs playing.
Pepperboy loves music and he wants to share it with the world. His taste in music includes classic rock, pop, and everything in-between.
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This is the first line of this person’s bio

We know very little about Pepperboy’s personal life, but we understand that he is a private person who enjoys spending time with his family and close friends. He also loves sports–especially basketball and football.

Jimmy and Super Hard Way

If you’re the type of person who would rather run up a set of stairs than take an escalator, then our “Pepperboy” series is just for you. We don’t ask more of ourselves than we ask of others, and no challenge is too difficult. The bigger the challenge, the more satisfaction we get from achieving your goals together.
Pepperboy always chooses the most challenging option, so it can be frustrating for people who want to take the easy route. What Pepperboy doesn’t realize is that his way is not the only stylish way. He refuses to take any more steps than he needs to prove his point.

Where you can hear him play

Look for Pepperboy the next time you’re in LA- he’ll be around at The Cantor on Monday evening. You might also find him playing at different venues around the city, or at a private party!

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